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animanga_ads's Journal

(Ani)me & {Manga} RPG [Ad]vertisement
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{W}elcome to Animanga Advertisements, where our specific purpose is to provide a specialized enviroment solely to promote any and all RPGs in the Anime & Manga forum. There are a number of communities who promise exposure to budding communities, but none that cater specifically to the Animanga variety, drowning out most of the advertisements for such places in a plethora of Harry Potter & Celebrity RPGs. We've all been there: So have I, and I've made a step to put a stop to all that. And to you roleplayers out there who base theirs on Video Games, you're welcome to advertise as well. After all, the line between Video Games and Anime is so thin, it would be foolish to leave them out.


Communities will be added to the following lists at the leisure of community maintainers. Do not request to be added, you will simply be added, and alerted.

{Video Game}

- - - > RULES

[1] Any, and all advertisements posted in this community must be for role-play, or characters based on Anime, Manga, or Video Games. NO EXCEPTIONS!

[2] You are allowed to advertise once a day, and only once a day, for the same community.

[3] When Advertising, include a tag: {ANIME}, {MANGA}, or {VIDEO GAME}. This is so we know what your roleplay is based on, and we don't delete your ad.

[4] Proper grammar, and punctuation are expected. You do want people to take you serious, right?

[5] This isn't a rule, but it would help us (and all our fellow animanga players) out a great deal if you let people know we exist! This community will be useless if you don't do your part, and pimp us to other people as well.

- - - > END

Well, that's all for now. Good Luck! - kaizer