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Lucerne Ridge

Hello! We are a new roleplay community. Reserves and applications are currently open, and the community will open on July 3rd.

Welcome to a town that feeds off the darkness of your heart...

Lucerne Ridge is a town where the guilt, fear, doubt, anger, and regret of the residents have become a sentient presence. Half of the time things seem relatively normal in Lucerne Ridge (if you can ignore the somewhat odd behavior of some of its residents…) but the rest of the time, things are anything but normal.

Every other week, the life drains out of Lucerne Ridge. The negative energies that surround the town take on shapes that respond to the secret transgressions of its residents and unspeakable nightmares walk the town under a shroud of darkness. Residents have named this manifestation “the Distortion.”

The residents that haven't completely lost their self-awareness.

Now the Distortion is looking for new blood.

As the energies that power the Distortion have grown stronger, they have begun to reach out to other worlds to find more people to prey on and use to grow stronger. The darkness that lies in your heart has attracted its attention and it has begun pulling you across time and space to join its population of self-made victims.

You awaken in a run-down bus station, lying on an old bench. There is a bag with a few items sitting at your feet; consider it a welcoming gift, a few things to ease your entry into the community. Hope you don’t mind staying awhile. As it turns out, Lucerne Ridge is a pretty tough place to leave.

And it would be much obliged if you put up a good fight.




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