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BLITZED, an alternate universe apocalyptic multifandom roleplay

We just started, and lots of major characters are still open! If you want something different, give us a look!

let us have peace, let us have the blitzkrieg

Forty-five years ago, a new and deadly virus called T9 was born by the United States solely for the preparation of a pre-planned, world-wide biological war. Due to a failed espionage mission by a rival nation, this same virus was released into the public, literally annihilating more than half of the human race. Easily wiping city after city, the virus spread like wildfire, killing millions of innocent people. The government hastily tried to create antidotes for this virus while attempting to prevent the rapid spread of the T9. But by the time the cure was made, 400 million people were already dead. Within a year, the human race was dangerously close to complete extinction.

The aftermath of the T9 was another horror the world had to face. Within the populace of survivors, there were grotesque mutations. In some cases, these were humans who possessed special powers. In others, it was the birth of another entire form of species: the Noidrakes. The Noidrakes are people who have been completely mutated beyond recognition, that they resembled living, breathing monsters. These were the same populace that struck fear into the others. The Noidrakes terrified the other humans and the government so much, that they slowly attempted to enslave and completely destroy this race. A massive, world-wide civil war between the Noidrakes and the humans was fought for five long years. Despite a killer virus that almost destroyed mankind was finally put to rest soon before, there was more death that followed. Using their brand new super powers, the Noidrakes fought the humans without mercy, determined to overthrow the humans. The war resonated brutally, until the out-manned and over-gunned Noids surrendered unconditionally.

Civil war ended and there was peace once again in the world, but decades of discrimination and special hate was yet another battle the Noidrakes had to face. Many civil rights of the Noidrakes were removed, and careful watch by the government kept the Noids under control of the humans. These monsters used to desire absolute power over their makers, yet years of oppression slowly grew both resentment and absolution. Most of these mutants wanted to overthrow their oppressors. Others would rather work towards a dream of domestic tranquility.

blitzed is an alternate universe multifandom roleplay, where anime/manga/video game characters live in the same world as humans, and are subjected to a horrible program of discrimination and segregation.
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