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Psychomachia: A Persona RPG

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It's April 2011. People in Hirosaka are disappearing and later being found comatose or dead. The only known connection between them is that all of them are this way due to massive brain trauma, yet there are no outside signs of damage. These people were perfectly healthy prior to the event, too. The police cannot figure out the cause.

One night, several people (mostly high school and university students) dream of a strange man who introduces himself as Igor. None of them are aware that others are experiencing the exact same dream of being alone with the mysterious old gentleman. He gives them a pocketwatch and asks them only that they be willing to take responsibility for their actions. Upon waking up, each and every one of them has the pocketwatch on them.

The next night, at 9 PM, things get weirder. Somehow, all of these people fall through a hole in the ground and land in a strange, maze-like world of darkness and twisted tree branches with shadows trying to attack them! Are all these strange events connected? And if so, how? Who is going to try and figure out what's going on and who is going to remain oblivious?

Psychomachia is a game mostly centered around original characters in a Persona setting, however, there will also be Persona 3 and Persona 4 characters in the game!

Game Starts: March 8th, 2010

Other Information
For those who noticed the date, Psychomachia is vaguely AU and twists a few facts. These are:
  • Persona 4 started in April 2010 and ended March 21, 2011.
  • The main character of P4's hometown is actually Hirosaka.
  • For reasons described in more detail here, SEES is active again and members have been dispatched to a few cities showing potential effects from a dark hour/shadow world. One of them is Hirosaka.
  • Aigis has lost the wild card ability after the events of FES.
Anything else not listed above is unchanged from game canon. Psychomachia only counts events from the original Persona 3 game, Persona 3: FES, and Persona 4 as canon. We do not count Persona 3 PSP, Persona: Trinity Soul or any manga additions to the franchise as canon in this game.

Caught your interest? For a full premise, click here!

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